Man Told He Would Never Walk Again and Live With Pain Successfully Treated By Gonstead Chiropractor.

West Coast Spine Center Patient Howard Gussak is a retired federal law enforcement officer, and current firearms and tactical instructor. He’s been seeing Gonstead Chiropractor, Dr. Craig Barcomb for over a year.

According to Howard, “What brought me here is the fact I’ve had back pain and spinal pain since 1984. I was involved in a rock climbing accident, and at the time was told I would never walk again. I managed to get back on my feet, but have been experiencing constant pain while living an otherwise active life after my recovery. I served in the military, and law enforcement, but could never really get past some of my back pain. A few months ago I was in excruciating pain at my buddy’s house. I couldn’t even swim. He told me about the Gonstead method of Chiropractic Care so I looked it up and found Dr. Barcomb.

On my first appointment, he checked me out thoroughly with X Rays, a Digital Thermograph where you can actually see the heat signatures on my spine where there’s swelling. He also evaluated my mobility. Afterwards, he explained specifically what was wrong and what needed to be done in terms of a treatment plan. I really thought I’d come in, and he’d just take a quick look and then crack my back, as was the case with other Chiropractors I’d seen, but Dr. Barcomb was thorough.

When I first started with Dr. Barcomb, I was coming here three times a week. Then I went to two. Now I’m only here once a week and it’s fantastic. My pain has been significantly reduced, which means my quality of life has greatly improved. In terms of preventive care, I think it’s a great idea because that can keep things aligned before issues show up. If you have back or spinal pain or have recently been in an accident, I would say call up Dr. Barcomb. Let him evaluate you. He’ll give you straightforward answers. He’ll work with you, and he’ll give you a step by step plan for treatment and recovery.”